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  • Explotación de Vulnerabilidades y análisis "in the wild".
Explotación de Vulnerabilidades y análisis "in the wild".
 #492268  por privateloader

This is a toolkit to generate Firefox exploits that works on Firefox from version 15.0 to version 23.0 on Windows.

Note: You will need to obfuscate or encode the result generated in order to avoid or reduce antivirus detection. Also both generators have the exploits in plain text therefore they may be detected. (Don't trust, check the source before using them)

The purpose of both generators is to offer to beginners a easy way to generate custom exploit code for this two vulnerabilities without requiring coding. (Just Copy/Paste or simple batch programming)

http://www.mediafire.com/file/nv6vsoo44 ... erator.rar

Virus Analysis (6/56)
https://virustotal.com/en/file/a8838ddc ... 501211198/
 #492320  por Luis Leon
Do you have the source-code? Not going to download anything without the corresponding source. I know, is a PoC, but is it a possibility about creating a post explaining exactly how do you exploit the Chrome Wrapper? Althought Mozilla Firefox before 21.0, Firefox ESR 17.x before 17.0.6, Thunderbird before 17.0.6, and Thunderbird ESR 17.x before 17.0.6 are exploitable. Is the malware donwloading from a XSS? Or is it a malicious plug in?