Hi guys in this moment i will share with the people these binaries of one old program called demonio. In my case i can open ports or dns doesnt work well so i dont know other people. This is the versión 2.0 i will put 3.0 but like my network is very slow maybe take me a Little of time. For me only worked in LAN but i cant run others trojan's with dyndns, maybe the issue is for ports or the program. But in lan Works fine.
No one's antivirus detect these binaries obviosly.
If someone can check this if it Works and finally, i wait your opinions.

Binaries(Demon 2.0):

Someone can check if with ports openned Works in internet? In my case i couldnt get it
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Hola compañero, queria saber si el demonio funciona con una distro de linux llamada linex, el enlace lo tienes caido.

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